Organizational Assessment Tool for Sustainability (OATS)


The Organizational Assessment Tool for Sustainability (OATS) was designed by Partners for a Sustainable Washington County Community (PSWCC) to provide organizations with a flexible framework to help guide planning and facilitate thoughtful decisions for managing sustainability in their organizations.  The OATS provides a framework for each organization to self-assess its progress, benchmark against peers and develop executive alignment and commitments.  The approach uses a set of characteristics that represent progression and achievement on broad sustainability practices and environmental issues members identified as important (i.e., land, water, air and materials management). To date, the environmental strand of this tool has been completed, piloted and released for use by the public. Work is ongoing on the social strand of this tool.


Read the current OATS Organizational Chart for an overview of the project scope and future direction. Updated 1/26/17

Read the Disclaimer and Download OATS Tool   Updated 1/26/17 - complete for environmental strand


Sustainability Glossaries

These resources may be useful in your sustainability work and in using the OATS tool.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Note: The U.S. EPA website contains several scientific glossaries covering different specific topics. To search all glossaries for terms, please use the main website search bar. If an acronym or term appears in any of the glossaries, the definition and a link to the glossary entry will be the first search result. This powerful search engine can also help you expand unfamiliar acronyms and will suggest relevant search terms if spelling or phrasing is uncertain.


The Dictionary of Sustainable Management


U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)


Oxford Dictionary of Environment and Conservation


Sierra Club Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Glossary


UN Global Compact Social Sustainability page


US Green Building Council


Solid Waste Terms Glossary