Membership Agreement

PSWCC is a member-led collaboration that relies on the active leadership and participation of participating organizations. 

Membership Responsibilities:

PSWCC member organizations participate in the following two committees:

  • Operations Team (OT) - Meets every month and a half (or as necessary) to prepare strategic plans, goals, objectives and the annual work plan. Works closely with the County staff to coordinate meetings, trainings, events, initiatives and activities. The OT elects two co-chairs to help guide and facilitate meetings, and establishes operating guidelines and procedures as necessary. 
  • Executive Sponsor Team - Meets annually (or as necessary) to review annual work plan as presented by the OT; and otherwise provide executive sponsorship to PSWCC activities and initiatives. 

 Membership Fees

  • Large Organizations (annual revenues more than $100 million):    $2,500
  • Small/Medium Organizations (annual revenues less than $100 million):   $500
  • Nonprofit Organizations:    $250

The annual membership year is July 1st - June 30th. Membership fees may be prorated depending on the membership origination date. 

To learn more about becoming a member, contact:

Washington County (PSWCC administrator)

(503) 846-8825